A Little About Us

We are a creative and innovative “Design and Idee Schmiede”. Schmiede is the German word for a blacksmith’s workshop. In the internet and app age we forge ideas and develop and re-engineer our products like a blacksmith works on a blade, until we reach the ideal and meet our own personal high standards. Work is ongoing and the work we do defines us and inspires us to seek a path of perfection and mastery.

Our Team


The founder and creative head of Gongo Studios lives for the principle to come up with at least 1 good idea each day. He is inspired by children and how they interact with the world around them.


While we all have a principle of listening to our customers, David is the one who talks. He makes sure that what we do reaches you and whatever you have to tell us, reaches us.


Miki loves music and her songs make the themes of our apps. Not only does she have a degree in child education and pedagogy, but she is also a dedicated mother of two lovely daughters.


Amilie is a passionate singer and loves to lend her voice for any kind of voice over work. She is also very interested in mobile platforms and currently testing all our products from a child’s view. Naturally, she is testing all games herself, first.