Gongo’s Animalphabet

Challenging Bubble Shooter for kids. Available now!

Gongo’s Animalphabet is now available for iOS, Android and Windows Mobile.

5 stars on Google Play Store

Gongo’s AnimalphabetGoogle Play Store5

5 stars on App Store

Gongo’s AnimalphabetApp Store5

Can You Beat The Challenge?

Break the bubbles and collect all ABC letters in 60 fun levels. Sounds easy, right? Take on the challenge and face mega bubble structures and rotating bubbles. Use the Banana Boomerang and Pineapple Bomb to help Gongo in his quest.

Collect Stickers And Meet New Animals

Collect all ABC letters and receive a sticker! Fill your sticker book with animals you know and some you may have never heard of.


Gongo is so much fun, I play for hours. I really like the gorilla and collecting stickers, but I want more levels to play. (my papa wrote this for me)


The graphics and animations are simple, but the music is really catchy and fun. My kids play this for hours and I have a little more time for myself. Please work on the graphics.


We love the music, its really awesome. Also, my son is learning some basic English words, which is really nice. Fun to play!



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