An Iconic Idea

Designing a store and app icon is really difficult. It’s probably one of the most difficult tasks, as you really want it to be eye catching and stand out.

So how about these drafts?


Draft_10    Draft_9

Which then turn into this… (yes, the gorilla is still the old one :))


A New Hope...again

So, from the previous blog post, it is clear that our beloved Gongo needs to change. So, we are redesigning him again.

Stay tuned for more. 🙂

In the meantime we are playing with icons for the store and your home screen.


Draft_1Draft_4      Draft_5     Draft_6

She Was Very Bubbly....

Changes, again! This is what makes the process of creating an app fun, changes. They can also become frustrating, but in the end all will be well.


Bubbles Liana BubbleLeopard_Cube Leopard_FaceNew Candies-01  Our Bubbles-01

In the end, I just made new ones.. 🙂 The rainbow colored one was made by Amilie in Adobe Illustrator…excellent work for a 3 year old girl… (pst…who likes the rainbow colored best???)

Bubble_Black@Galaxy_S45_Res Bubble_Blue@Galaxy_S45_Res Bubble_Green@Galaxy_S45_Res Bubble_Orange@Galaxy_S45_Res Bubble_Purple@Galaxy_S45_Res Bubble_Rainbow@Galaxy_S45_Res Bubble_Red@Galaxy_S45_Res Bubble_Yellow_Bright@Galaxy_S45_Res Bubble_Yellow_Medium@Galaxy_S45_Res

Baskets In The Ocean?

So, what about the ocean level… there wouldn’t be a basket, would there…? Of course not…There will be a TREASURE CHEST. (without any treasure, I’m afraid)

Attachment chest

So, this is what it will look like in the game…(small chest or big pears…? hmmm…)

Chest_0_Pears Chest_1_Pears Chest_2_Pears Chest_3_Pears

Lets talk letters...

Now, here we are with the tedious task of choosing the correct letter design.

Vector_Alphabet_No_Shadow  Cartoon_Alphabet_Bright Alphabet Outlined

In the end we decided to use the ones we had laying around… 😛 Thanks for drawing them Evelina!

WP_20160604_10_57_09_Moment    Alphabet@Galaxy_S45_Res